„Sestry Věčné Radosti“ are an official Czech branch of the international organization „Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence“ The SPI in Czech Republic

We saw the sisters in the Czech Republic for the first time at Prague Pride 2013. Sister Theresia Bavaria Nata Via Maia Prioressa the founder of the SPI Munich and Sister Vesta Rosa from Berlin together with Novice Sister Zenzi accepted the invitation of organizers and joined the Prague Pride parade. A few month later Sister Tharesia and Sister Vesta became the mentors and patrons of the firts novices of the Czech SPI order: Sister Magdalena Sylvestra Libidya and Sister Václavka Anežka Sugar. From Prague Pride 2016 is new Sisters: Miccella Ribbona Mia and Tomina Sallutena We will be forever grateful to our „Mama Theresa“ and „Mami Vesta“ for their love, kindnes, guidance, generosity and support. Thank YOU! So the mission of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence continues also in the Czech Republic: To promulgate universal joy, expiate stigmatic guilt and serve the (LBGTIQ) community.

History of the Order

The roots of today’s Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence date back to the year 1979: On Holy Saturday in San Francisco, the first „Sisters“ appeared. Already at that time, the members collected donations for the underprivileged people of the queer community to, for example, enable them to finance visits to the doctor or to solicit legal counsel. This small group of gay men were largely inspired by the Radical Faeries, a group that had made a name for itself in the San Francisco gay community since 1981. They organized atypical actions and were politically active by participating in marches and demonstrations. The costumes were found in a repository of the performance of the musical The Sound of Music in 1977 in the U.S. state of Iowa, in which one of the four founding sisters had participated. Against the background of the first cases of the then new and unknown disease of AIDS in 1982, some of the earliest attempts to bring attention to the new disease were staged by the Sisters. Sister Florence Nightmare and Sister Roz Erection, both nurses, joined with a team of Sisters to create „Play Fair!“, the first safer sex pamphlet to use plain language, practical advice and humor, and without „finger pointing of the moral high ground“. The focus on AIDS, HIV and safer sex work began to crystallize as a focus of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Likewise, they were among the first who organized a charity concerned (under the auspices of actress Shirley MacLaine) in support of those with HIV and AIDS. The Worldwide expansion Since 1984, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have spread worldwide. In addition to the international headquarters in San Francisco, CA/USA, there are other houses in Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Russian River, CA and Philadelphia. The first house outside of the US was founded in Sydney, Australia as the Order of Perpetual Indulgence (OPI). In Europe, houses of the SPI and OPI were also founded, such as those in the UK (London, Manchester, and Edinburgh), Germany (Heidelberg, Berlin, Hamburg, and Cologne), France (Paris, Bordeaux and Lille), Switzerland (Zurich) and Austria (Vienna). In Latin America, a house was founded in Colombia and one in Uruguay, although it can be extremely dangerous in these staunchly Catholic countries, often with a very traditional understanding of gender roles, for a man to be seen in women’s clothing — much less in a nun’s habit — in public. Over the years, several million dollars for HIV and AIDS projects worldwide have been collected by the community, and countless brochures and safer sex materials were distributed. Today there are about 1,500 Sisters who join the fight against AIDS and all the other sexually transmitted diseases worldwide. The community is now also open to heterosexual and female members.