The Sisters continue the mission of Perpetual Indulgence: The newly established association is ready to fight the discrimination!

The sisters of perpetual indulgence became the official association. They have been active in the Czechia since 2014, but their history goes as back as to 1979, when the organisation was born.
Volunteers all over the world established organizations, that were focusing on HIV prevention and equal rights for the LGBTQ´s. Members of the order all over the world are painting their faces white, commemorating the colour of death caused by the AIDS disease, adding various other colour, that on the contrary, celebrate the joy of life.

The international day against AIDS in December or the August´s Prague Pride is traditionally sparked by the presence of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, that are distributing condoms and raising money for the NGO´s. Last year, the Czech order has grown a little and we welcomed two new Sisters and one Guardian. The Sister´s activities are finally becoming more visible.
This year, the Sisters are going to be very busy. The Prague Pride has just started, and there are several events, where you may meet them. The first one is a lecture called „Family Circle“, where members of the order Michael and Lukas, living with the HIV invited their mothers to share their stories together. By this, they want to motivate others and show to the public, how to survive in a tim full of predjudice.
On Wednesday, there´s going to be a rainbow tram and Friday afternoon is going to be devoted to the prevention of the HIV and you can have some fun with the sisters and learn safe sex techniques with them.


Michael Jettmar, Head of Association
T: 727 944 627 E:

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